I am Sonny Achten

PhD candidate at KU Leuven

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About me

I received a Master of Civil Engineering degree in 2014 from KU Leuven, Belgium, and returnded to obtain a Master of Artificial Intelligence degree in 2021. Subsequently, I remained at KU Leuven to start a research career by joining the Stadius research group and pursuing a PhD under the supervision of prof.  Johan Suykens.


My research interests include machine learning for structered data and (deep) kernel learning. Specifically, I like to conceptualize new paradigms that bridge the gap between graph neural networks and kernel machines and study these from a theoretical perspective.


Our paper got accepted at the AAAI 2024 main conference 

Unsupervised Neighborhood Propagation Kernel Layers for Semi-supervised Node Classification

Our paper got accepted at the ICML 2023 workshop on Duality Principles for Modern Machine Learning:

Duality in Multi-View Restricted Kernel Machines